5 Signs of Postpartum Depression to Watch Out For

About 10% of moms who have just given birth experience postpartum depression. Unfortunately, not many moms even know they are depressed, thinking that this is the way all new moms feel.

But while being tired with a newborn is normal, feeling sad and hopeless all the time isn’t. That’s why it’s important to learn about postpartum depressions and to watch out for the signs. This will allow you to intervene and have you feel like yourself, enjoying your time with your new family.

These are the five signs of postpartum depression to learn about:

1. The Baby Blues Don’t Go Away

It’s typical to experience low moods during the first two weeks after giving birth. Afterward, you should slowly be feeling better and begin focusing on the next stage of your life.

However, if you still feel sad, or even hopeless, after a few weeks, and these feelings are getting intense, then it may be more than just the typical blues.

2. You Start to Lose Interest In Things

Are you beginning to lose interest in the things you used to love doing? Do you still feel affectionate with your partner or enjoy your favorite foods? Or are you feeling down and just want to stay in bed because nothing seems to cheer you up?

Another sign is if you start to lose care and have trouble making any decision, no matter how simple it is. If you aren’t able to decide to get out of bed and shower or not or to even change your little one’s diaper and spend time with them, this may be an early sign of postpartum depression.

If ever you don’t find anything exciting or interesting anymore, especially when it comes to caring for your baby, then it’s time to talk with your doctor about these mood changes and new habits.

3. Continuous Sadness and Guilt Feelings

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Feeling sad or upset once in a while is typical, especially as you adjust to the new changes and care for your little one. But if you’ve been experiencing a lot of random crying spells or even feel unhappy about being a mom, this is something more.

Furthermore, if you feel guilty and talk yourself down as a mom, then this is one of the first signs or symptoms of postpartum depression.

Another thing to note about is your feelings towards being a mom. Sure, all moms worry about not being a good mom, but if you have constant doubts as a mother despite doing well, it could mean something else.

4. Sleep Patterns Changed… Weirdly

Of course, your sleeping patterns have changed with a baby crying every few hours for feeding! This is normal.

But once you aren’t able to even take a nap or feel rested while your baby is napping or sleeping, or if you’re sleeping all the time, then this might be something other than adjusting to a new sleep pattern.

This is because changes in mood, appetite, and even sleep are one of the early signs of depression.

5. You Have Thoughts About Harming Yourself

Do you have thoughts about hurting yourself or the baby? Or even suicide? This is an advanced sign of postpartum depression that must be addressed immediately.

If ever you do feel like harming yourself or anyone around you, do reach out for help and call your doctor right away to get the treatment you need.

For new mothers who have experienced one or more of these signs, do reach out to your partner and loved ones, as well as a medical professional. You are not alone and can get through postpartum depression!

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