Is Pregnancy Brain Real? What to Know

You might have heard of the term “pregnancy brain” at least once in your lifetime, and if you’re pregnant, it may cause some worry! Well, not to worry because you aren’t alone, with many pregnant women experiencing the same brain fog, a sort of hallmark of pregnancy.

Some women may forget appointments, what they were supposed to get in groceries, or whether or not they’ve left the television on. Other times, you might have forgotten your phone number! So if you’re wondering, “is pregnancy brain real?”, it definitely is.

But what causes it and is it really normal? Read on to learn more.

Is Pregnancy Brain Real and Normal?

As mentioned, pregnancy brain is real and actually very common, even in the most organized, the master of multitasking, and with great memory!

The good news is: While pregnancy brain is normal, it is temporary. It does get frustrating losing organizational skills and becoming more forgetful, so don’t worry about this being a long-term issue. Your brain will soon come back to normal a few months after giving birth.

What Causes Pregnancy Brain?

Pregnancy brain is really just about your hormones having a bit of fun and doing its thing, which is a natural part of pregnancy. Unfortunately, your memory is affected from it. 

There are also several reasons why pregnancy brain happens, including lack of quality rest due to discomfort when sleeping. Plus, since you’re usually out of energy carrying a beautiful baby, it can affect your brain function and focus. Again, tiredness during this time is normal!

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Besides this, all of the huge and exciting changes going on throughout your pregnancy may impact the way you think and focus, causing the pregnancy brain.

Furthermore, there has been research proving that a brain does function differently during pregnancy. It increases activity in the side connected with emotional skills! Also, the brain-cell volume decreases in the third trimester of pregnancy.

What Can I Do About Pregnancy Brain?

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to just plop down and let the pregnancy brain consume you! There are things you can do to cope up with the pregnancy brain and avoid the fog from negatively impacting your life. Here are some tips you can follow:

·         Don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget things or feel overwhelmed with typical tasks. Take a deep breath and avoid stressing out, as negative feelings can cloud your brain further. Instead, have a good laugh and find the funny part in these moments.

·         If you have to remember something, such as purchasing groceries or setting appointments, make sure to write it all down. Take a big note and leave it in obvious places, or a handy notebook in your everyday bag.

·         Place reminders on your phone to help stay organized and less forgetful.

·         Have support and backup system, delegating jobs to other people, such as your partner, family, and trusted friends.

·         Consume choline-rich foods, as well as DHA-rich foods, which can help with your overall memory and brain function. Some supplements can provide these nutrients. Furthermore, avoid consuming ginkgo Biloba supplements, which aren’t proven safe to take during pregnancy.

Wrapping It Up

Pregnancy brain is a real thing, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world (at least, during your pregnancy). There are things you can do to cope with the brain fog and to have a better quality of life as you carry your little one until delivery. Again, this is only temporary, so let time take its course and enjoy the journey as you begin parenthood!  

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