5 Online Fertility Calculators You Can Use Today

If you’re trying to conceive, then one of the things you should begin doing is to understand your body and its cycles. This means tracking your menstrual cycle and days you ovulate. One way to do that is using an online fertility calculator.

Today’s technology has made it even easier to track your ovulation, showing your most fertile days for higher chances of conception.

But of the many different mobile apps and online tools we can use, which are the best fertility calculators and trackers? Read on for the top five choices and reviews!

1. Clue Period Tracker, Ovulation

This free mobile app takes the clue and guesswork out of your cycles, hence the name. This period tracker app utilizes research and science to help you conceive.

It comes with an ovulation calculator with fertility predictions, as well as a platform to log in your basal body temperature, giving you more useful information.

2. Glow Cycle and Fertility Tracker

What’s great about the Glow Cycle and Fertility Tracker is that it doesn’t only provide an ovulation calculator, but a tracker as well.  

You can track your cycle and record sexual activity, any symptoms experienced, as well as your daily moods. All these can improve your chances of conception! This is a free mobile app that has garnered many positive reviews thanks to its accuracy and ease of use.

3. Clearblue Ovulation Calculator

The Clearblue Ovulation Calculator is a great online tool that shows when you are most likely to ovulate. Simply put in the date your last period began, and your usual cycle length.

The website will also show you more information regarding your ovulation calendar results. They have a Frequently Asked Questions section below the calculator, sharing basic and useful information on fertility.

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4. Tommy’s Ovulation Calculator

Tommy’s is an organization centered on women, tackling pregnancy-related research and information. Their website offers a straightforward ovulation calculator that shows accuracy and quick results.

What makes them a suitable online tool is how easy it is to use and understand the results. They will also show different useful information right after, such as the best times to conceive, how the menstrual cycle works, and spotting the signs of ovulation

5. Office on Women’s Health Ovulation Calculator

The Office on Women’s Health provides a variety of tools you can easily access online, including their ovulation calculator. It’s very easy to navigate the website, and the ovulation calculator is straightforward, sharing what the tool is about.

Put in the start date of your period and average length of your menstrual cycle, then you’ll get instant results. You can also learn more about your fertility with their other tools, and articles to help you conceive or find a suitable birth control method.

With all these tools in mind, they are best used as a basis of your ovulation, but shouldn’t be the sole method to track your cycle. These tools help you know more about your cycle and the approximate times you’ll ovulate, but every woman’s body is different, despite having a similar period start dates and menstrual cycle lengths.

For a more accurate basis, there are other ways you can track your ovulation alongside these free tools. There are ovulation tests, among other methods to help you know more about your body.

Wrapping It Up

Tracking your ovulation and fertility doesn’t need to be so challenging, as there are online tools you can use on your phone! Not only will it assist you in tracking your cycle, but they also hold useful information for conception, birth control, among more valuable advice for women.

Begin using any of these fertility calculators today and good luck!

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