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Tracking your period is important, but in your already busy schedule, it seems like another painful thing to add to your “to-do” list. Well, things are easier now than they use to be, and luckily there are tons of digital tools that can help with period tracking. 

So, what is the best period tracking app? We couldn’t pick just one, so we listed some of our favorites.

Best Period Tracking App For People Trying To Have A Baby: Cycles

This app allows you to share data with your partner which can help to plan sexual activity. Often times the burden of scheduling sex for the purpose of family planning falls on the female in the relationship. The Cycles app allows your partner to be aware of when your most fertile windows are. The period tracking app also can provide pill reminders, and also allow you to log other things like mood and ovulation.

Best Period Tracking App For People Who Are Just Starting To Track Their Period: Flo

This app has an easy-to-use interface and that allows you to log your period as well as other symptoms. It also provides data on predicted ovulation. It has a free version as well as a premium version that users can upgrade to if they choose.

Best Period Tracking App For Everyone: Clue

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Clue promises to be inclusive of all genders and ages. Like all the other apps, it allows you to track mood, sexual activity and also allows you to track your exercise (not a feature in all apps). It is also free with a paid upgrade available to unlock more features. 

All the period tracking apps mentioned above are free! While there are premium features you need to pay for, downloading and using the free versions are a no-brainer. Many of the apps also feature content on different aspects of the menstrual cycle to help you understand more about your body. Most of the interactive features of the apps mentioned above are only available through the premium versions. If you’re not sure which period tracking app you like the most, you can try out one or two and then use the one that best suits your needs.

Why Period Tracking Is Important

One of the biggest reason you should track your period is to ensure that you’re actually having periods at all. Sometimes when women are on hormonal birth control, they can stop having full-blown periods and just get something called “breakthrough bleeding.” Breakthrough bleeding means that your body is still getting all the hormones it needs from the hormones in your method of birth control—but it is not enough to create a fully-developed uterine lining (the lining gets shed during menstruation). 

Period tracking can help you to identify skipped periods which will then allow you to investigate why you have skipped a period. One of the first signs of pregnancy is a skipped period and other medical conditions like PCOS can also cause skipped or irregular periods. Additionally, extremely heavy periods could be a sign of fibroids or another medical issue. Being able to show your period data to your doctor can be very helpful in identifying a potential medical problem. 

So, what is the best period tracking app? It’s the one that works best for you! Check out the suggestions above to get started!

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