When Do Babies Start Laughing? The Developmental Stages to Know

As your little one begins to grow and achieve milestones, you’re excited to have them hit certain ones, especially when they begin laughing! After all, what parent doesn’t want to see their little one smile and laugh?

Seeing your little one laugh is one of the best parenting moments new moms and dads wait for, and once they start, you won’t get enough! However, their laughter won’t happen the moment they’re born. You’ll need to be patient and wait until that time comes.

When do babies start laughing anyway? Read on to find out!

When Do Babies Start Laughing?

Most babies will first laugh out loud when they hit 3-4 months old. However, the first laugh might come at later months for other babies. Just like any other milestone, the timeline varies from baby to baby, so be patient and let it come on their own time.

You can even help your little one discover their first laugh, with many ways to have them feel delighted enough to chuckle. Their first laughs would usually be inspired by anything that makes them happy, from simple things like their favorite toys, or even seeing you laugh, too! Another interesting motivator for their laughs is their curiosity- They want to hear their own voice and see the positive reactions of others around them!

Once your little begins to laugh, he’ll start to laugh even more, as it feels great, it’s a cute sound, and he’ll love seeing you do the same.

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If it takes a bit longer than 4 months and they haven’t laughed yet, there’s nothing to worry about. Some babies are naturally serious, not laughing as much compared to others. This is okay, as long as they are meeting all of the other developmental milestones. Focus on all the age-appropriate milestones (like smiling, recognizing people, and making other sounds), not just this one!

If you’re worried about your child not laughing or meeting the other developmental milestones, then it’s best to bring it up with your baby’s doctor during his next check-up. His doctor will ask about different milestones met, so take note of these for a complete ‘report’. He will give you professional advice based on his evaluations, recommending therapy or other exercises as needed.

There are also other ways you can encourage your baby to have their first laugh, such as:

·         Make funny noises like kissing or popping sounds, talk in squeaky voices, or blow your lips together. These are more interesting noises than your normal voice, which can have your baby laugh. You can also give them noisemakers, provided that these are safe toys to play with

·         Tickle or blow on your baby’s skin gently, or kissing their hands and feet

·         Play fun games like peek-a-boo, which is a great way to have babies begin laughing

Among the many memorable events you can’t wait to experience with your little one, laughing must be one of the top of your list! This wonderful milestone will be reached eventually, only taking a few months. If not, this is totally OK, your little one will learn to laugh eventually, and your home will be filled with that adorable giggle.

Hopefully, we answered your question, ‘when do babies start laughing?’ Wait patiently and allow your little one to take time until they learn different actions, they’ll be giggling in no time!

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