Where Abortion Is Legal

With the overturning of Roe V. Wade, it is important to know where reproductive rights are protected. On the east coast, the states with the most access to abortion are New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusettes, Maryland, Delaware, Florida and Maine. In the midwest, the states with the most access to abortion care are Illinois, Kansas, Colorado and Minnesota. On the west coast, the states in which abortion is legal are California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Hawaii and Nevada. ReproductiveRights.org has a great resource to identify the states with the most, and the least, access to reproductive care.


This map divides the states into the following categories in regards to abortion: Illegal, Hostile, Not Protected, Protected, Expanded Access.

In states where abortion is illegal, it means that a person seeking an abortion, someone helping that person, or a physician performing the abortion may be subject to criminal charges and penalties.

The hostile category as defined by the above website means that these states have a history of wanting to ban abortion entirely, but it has not been made illegal yet. These regions are very vulnerable to the implementation of abortion bans and there are no legal protections for someone who needs an abortion in these states.

The “not protected” category means that abortion is likely to be accessible in these states but there is no explicit law protecting it.

If the state is listed as “protected”, that means there is a specific law protecting the right to abortion. There may be concerns about access to care.

The “expanded access” category means that the right to abortion is protected by law, and additional policies provide additional access to abortion care.

It is the general consensus of the medical community across the United States that abortion is healthcare, and denying access to abortion is denying basic healthcare.

Abortion Clinic Near Me?

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For anyone searching for access to abortion or reproductive care, use this tool by Planned Parenthood:






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