Best Gender Reveal Gifts

Looking for a great gender reveal gift? Here are the best gender reveal gifts that will definitely wow your soon to be parents.

1. Montesorri Activity Book

This gender neutral gift is bound to be a hit no matter what. Parents are always looking for educational ways to entertain their child. This activity book is great because it is compact so it travels well, it is washable, and it is something the baby can play with early on. It also can grow with the child as they begin to learn shapes, numbers and colors. This is our top choice as it also will win points for originality.

2. Board Book Series

Board books are great for all kids and are not gender specific. Books are a universally loved gift and by getting a series, like the Llama Llama series or the Little Joy series, you can be sure to please parents and the future little one.

3. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier or baby wrap is a fantastic gender reveal gift option. Choose a neutral color so that your future parent can easily match it to their clothing. Baby wraps are great because parents can always use a couple of extra wraps. Babies spit up all the time and it’s nice to be able to throw the baby wrap in the wash and use a fresh one.

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4. Teething Toys

Teething toys are always a great option for a gender reveal. As a parent you can never have enough teethers. Be sure to purchase a teether that doesn’t have any attachments, as attachments and strings can be harmful to a baby.

5. Sound Machine

A baby sound machine is great gender reveal gift since all babies will sleep better with a little white noise.

Gifts To Avoid?

Most parents will get tons of newborn clothing. Unfortunately, babies will grow out of newborn clothing very quickly. Other gifts to avoid include expensive essentials that parents often put a lot of research into before buying. These include things like car seats, strollers and pack and plays. These items are often very specific to a parent’s personal preference and lifestyle.

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