Postpartum Gifts For Mom: 6 Great Options

Postpartum is a tough time for most moms. You are physically recovering from child birth and also trying to care for your newborn. Here is the roundup on the best gifts for new moms that she will actually use.

Postpartum Robe

A great robe is a fantastic gift for a postpartum mom. Especially for moms who have had a C section, the scar area can be very painful for a few weeks following the surgery. Robes are also great for breastfeeding moms since most moms are breastfeeding every 2 to 3 hours during the first 2 to 3 months of life. You can never have too many robes as a postpartum mom.

Funny Pacifiers

This is for the postpartum mom who needs a laugh (don’t we all?). Funny baby pacifiers are great for keeping your newborn calm, but they can also be fun for tired and sleep deprived parents. We love this mustache pacifier for boy moms, and this big lips pacifier for girl moms. An affordable, useful, and fun gift for postpartum moms.

Lactation Massager

Know a mom who is breastfeeding? A lactation massager is a handy tool that can help to treat clogged ducts and promote the flow of breast milk. The best lactation massager is one that also has a warming feature since it will be even more useful in relieving clogged ducts from breastfeeding.

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A Baby Bouncer

Yes, this is technically a gift for the baby, but a great baby bouncer can give a new parent hours back in their day. They will LOVE you for that. Our favorite baby bouncer is the Baby Bjorn bouncer because it has great color options and has a wide range of baby weight that it can be used at. The Baby Bjorn bouncer cover is also removable and washable. And, trust us, the baby will make it messy so being able to throw it in the laundry is going to be a key feature. Other bounces are set up in a more complicated way and are not as easy to wash. This is a more expensive gift, but it is always a hit with parents.

Kidzone Bumper Car

You may be thinking, why would a postpartum mom need a bumper car? Well, for parents who are on their second baby, this genius toy is a huge hit with toddlers. Having an occupied and happy toddler is a great gift for all parents who also have a newborn. Another pricey gift, but it’s worth it, and your postpartum mom will be over the moon about her occupied and happy toddler.

Solly Baby Wrap

A baby wrap is one of the best gifts for new moms because it gives them the opportunity to have more skin to skin contact with their baby and be hands free. In addition to the functionality of it, it is also easy to clean and can be washed alongside other clothes. We love the Solly Baby so much that we also have a special Solly Baby Coupon. Use our code by clicking here to get 15% off. The wrap is easy to clean, easy to pack, versatile and can grow with your child. It also comes in some great colors.

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