What to Expect From a 3D Mammogram

Are you wondering what to expect from a 3D mammogram? Many are a bit intimidated by the name and are unsure whether they need to undergo this test or not. Read on to learn more about the 3D mammogram, what to expect, as well as how it compares to the standard mammogram.

What is a 3D Mammogram?

3D mammogram is a procedure similar to the traditional mammogram, which doesn’t pose abnormal risks.

As the name suggests, 3D mammograms will create a 3D image of one’s breast. The mammogram machine would send X-ray signals through breast tissue at different angles. This will then compile all images taken and turn into one 3D image.

The 3D image will provide a complete and detailed impression of the breast, which doctors will use to detect signs of abnormal growth and/or cancer.

How’s It Different from a Standard Mammogram?

The standard 2D mammogram is still the industry standard when it comes to imaging breast tissue. During this procedure, a technical will compress breast tissue, making it as uniform as possible. The 2D mammogram machine would create simple images of the breast tissue from various angles.

With the 3D mammogram, you go through a similar process. However, the difference here is that the technician takes multiple images from more different angles. This will then be compiled into one digital recreation of the breast, giving a complete representation.

3D mammograms allow medical professionals to check on small, individual sections of breast tissue which can be as thin as a millimeter. That way, specialists can detect forms of abnormal growth in breast tissue more accurately. Using this procedure may give medical professionals and individuals more certainty in diagnosis and follow-ups, if necessary. 

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When Will You Need a 3D Mammogram?

It is suggested that women over 40 years old should get yearly mammograms to check for breast cancer. The American Society of Breast Surgeons recommends 3D mammograms for all women who require to undergo a mammogram procedure. This is because 3D imaging will provide a better picture of underlying breast tissue, helping to identify any potential growths earlier. 

What to Expect from a 3D Mammogram

Doctors might have a few recommendations before taking the mammogram procedure. You may be recommended to schedule your appointment after your menstrual cycle so your breast tissue is less tender. Furthermore, you’ll be recommended to avoid wearing any deodorant or perfume, which may interfere with the imaging.

The procedure for the 3D mammogram is similar to the standard mammogram, with the technician asking you to remove your clothing and change to a temporary garment, removing any jewelry. The technician will then place the breast on the compression plate of the mammogram machine and the second plate to flatten breast tissue, creating uniform thickness.

Then, the 3D mammogram’s imaging arm will move over the breast, taking X-rays from different angles. While it may take a bit longer compared to the standard mammogram, it isn’t a noticeable change.

Wrapping It Up

3D mammograms are fairly new in the medical field, but more health facilities are now adopting the technology. While still a fairly similar process to the standard mammogram, the 3D mammogram would take even more images of breast tissue. There are no risks, and while it MIGHT be a little bit uncomfortable, it is nothing painful and worth going through in order to identify any abnormal growths to treat. 

I hope you learned even more about mammograms to help become aware of breast health. If you would like to get checked, do talk with your doctor to know your options and schedule a 3D mammogram. 

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