Best Montessori Toys For 3 Year Olds

Montessori learning is a very popular way to have your child learn while they are playing. It was developed by an Italian physician whose name is Maria Montessori. There are different age-appropriate toys for each level of learning. At the age of 3 your little one is starting to master their letters, numbers and fine motor skills. Here are some montessori toys that will help them learn and have fun at the same time.

Best Montessori Toys For 3 Year Old

1. Puzzles – Puzzles should always be age appropriate. If they are too difficult your child will not get any positive reinforcement. If they are too easy then they will not push their learning. Choose puzzles that have somewhere between 10 and 25 pieces.

2. Musical Instruments – A simple musical instrument can help your little one explore the art of music. They can explore how to make different sounds and begin to learn and understand melodies.

3. Toy Kitchen Sets – Play kitches are a huge hit starting around 2.5 and going all the way up to 5 or 6. Imaginative play is loved by so many 3 year olds and this type of activity can keep them occupied for long stretches of time. It is also an activity that becomes more imaginative and complex as your little one gets older. Though play kitchens are probably the most expensive montessori play based toy on this list, it will also give your child several years of play making it worth it.

4. Art Supplies – Allowing your child to experiment with different forms of art can be a great way to satisfy you toddler’s curiosity. They can be creative with different things like markers, and crayons, but for a mess free situation, try dry erase boards and projects that involve stickers.

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5. Learning Letters Toys – Magnatab has been a huge hit with parents who have children that are this age. It uses magnetics to help your child learn how to draw their letters. The magnetic aspect is quite engaging for kids, when compared to simply writing with pen and paper. It also makes it easier and cleaner to transport and use in a car.

Montessori Toys For 3 Year Olds: Summary

The best learning toys for a 3 year old are the ones that can help with creative learning and imaginative play. Puzzles that focus on letters or numbers, and play kitchens are great options for kids that are this age.


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