Best Montessori Toys For Babies

Montessori is a child-centered approach that emphasizes the development of a child’s independence, creativity and problem-solving skills through the use of specially designed materials and activities. Developed by an Italian physician, Maria Montessori wanted to create an environment that fosters learning through self-discovery and independent exploration. Here are the best montessori toys for babies:

What Are The Best Montessori Baby Toys For A 0 to 6 Month Old?

1. Montessori High Contrast Cards

Black and white high contrast cards are great for kids because they stimulate a newborn’s sight and cognitive development. When babies are born the nerve cells in their retina and brain are not yet developed. In the first three months, they can only see in black, white and gray tones, and only about 8-12 inches in front of them. At the age of 3 months, they start to see red, and around 5-6 months they will start to see the full color spectrum. High contrast cards are an easy and simple way to entertain your baby and help them develop.

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2. Montessori Musical Instruments & Rattles – For babies closer to 6 months of age, toys that make noise or music are a great option. Especially those that the baby can hold with their own hands and maneuver are really fun for your little one to explore. A rattle or a maraca is a great option at this age.

3. Montessori Textured Balls – A ball that has a mix of texture and color is also a great Montessori toy for this age. These allow your baby to understand the way different things feel. You may also see them start to throw the ball as they get older.

4. Montessori Mirror – Mirrors are so fun for children at this age. They can be especially useful to motivate your child during tummy time. You can place the mirror in front of them so that they need to lift their head up in order to see themselves in the mirror.

5. Montessori Baby Activity Gym – Since your baby will be on their back a lot, an activity gym can give them things to reach for as they look up. This can keep baby entertained for a while!

6. Montessori Baby Book – If you are on the go and traveling, a Montessori Baby Book can be great too! This will allow your little one to have access to multiple Montessori activities all in the form of a book.

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