Best Waterproof Bath Books For Toddlers

Introducing young children to the wonderful world of reading can be a fun and educational experience, especially during bath time. Waterproof bath time books are designed to entertain and engage toddlers while they’re splashing around in the tub. These durable and water-resistant books not only encourage early literacy but also help in developing sensory and motor skills in young children.

Reading is very important at a young age, and bathtime books can help your little girl or little boy with this key developmental growth. There are numerous waterproof bath books available on the market, each with its unique features and themes. Some focus on colorful illustrations, while others incorporate sounds or tactile elements to keep little ones entertained. Here are the top reading recommendations that are a great way to make bath time fun.

3 Best Waterproof Bath Books For Toddlers

Here are the only bathtub books you will ever need. Avoid soft books that are more cloth based. Although these are easily washable and made from soft material they really need to be washed frequently so that they do not smell. While rubber duckies can be lots of fun in the tub, squishy books for bath time are a great way to encourage young readers. All the choices below are made of durable material to help withstand plenty of use in bath water. Whether your toddler loves taking a bath or you need to use bath time tricks to convince them to get clean, each one of these is a great choice when it comes to bath-safe books.

#1Top Choice! Color Me: Who’s in the Water?

If you are having a tough time convincing your child to take a bath, this is the absolute best series of books. The Color Me: Who’s in the Water? by Surya Sajnani is a one of kind book because it changes it colors when it hits the water. As toddlers immerse the book in water, they will discover hidden creatures and illustrations beneath the black and white pages. It is interactive and fun and a great addition to bath time.

This series is a bit more on the expensive side, but it is worth every penny. The series has a variety of illustrations and the vibrant pictures come to life when immersed in the water. If you are buying this for someone else, it also makes a great toddler birthday gift or even a great baby shower gift. The color-changing pages make this one of the most popular choices of all our recommended waterproof baby books.

#2 Baby Bath Toys, Nontoxic Bath Books for Babies Bath Time, No Mold Bathtub Toys for Toddlers 6 to 12 18 Months, Soft Educational Bath Toys for 1-3 Year Old Girls Boys(Pack of 3)

This pack of 3 bath toys is made for water use. It repels water after use making it easy to clean and store. Cloth books that are waterproof will still absorb water making them harder to store. These are less likely to build mold over time (provided they are kept clean). We also love how affordable the price is for this pack set of 3 books.

#3 This Pigeon Needs A Bath

If you have a sassy toddler, this book will be an educational way to convince them to enjoy bathtime. Bathtub learning is easy with this fun book. When you purchase the book there are a few different options. Be sure to purchase the one that is intended for the bath. Easy to clean like the ones mentioned above and has a fun story line for your little one.

Benefits Of Bath Books For Toddlers

Bath books provide multiple benefits to toddlers during their bath time. Not only do they offer entertainment, but these waterproof books also contribute to essential developmental skills.

One of the main advantages of bath books is their ability to promote early literacy skills. As toddlers engage with the pages, they become familiar with letters, words, and phrases, gradually enhancing their reading ability. Utilizing bath time to introduce books allows parents to make the most of this daily routine while keeping their child entertained and engaged with the material.

Another benefit of bath books is that they stimulate sensory development. A multisensory approach to learning supports cognitive, motor, and language development in young children. These books can easily be held by your toddler promoting their independence.

Through plots and stories, bath books can also foster social and emotional growth. As parents or caregivers read to their toddlers during bath time, they can facilitate bonding experiences, conversations, and interactive storytelling.

Features To Look For In Waterproof Bath Books

When choosing waterproof bath books for toddlers, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure the book is engaging, educational, and safe. Let’s discuss some key features to look for in waterproof bath books.


Check the materials of what you purchase before buying so that you know that it is durable and safe to go into your toddler’s mouth. Toddlers are always putting books in their mouth so the materials above allow the soap to easily be rinsed off.

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Colorful and Engaging

Look for books with vibrant illustrations and engaging content to pique your child’s interest. Our top choice which changes color in the water is a great option for toddlers who need to be entertained during bath time.

Educational Value

Choose bath books that offer educational benefits such as introducing basic concepts like colors, numbers, animals, or letters. The second choice in this list has a variety of educational points in the books.

Appropriate Text Length

Keep in mind that toddlers have a shorter attention span. Opt for books with minimal text and short, simple sentences, making it more feasible for youngsters to follow along and remain engaged during bath time.

How To Care For Waterproof Bath Books

Caring for waterproof bath books is essential to extend their lifespan and maintain their attractiveness for your toddlers. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Rinse after use: After each bath-time, it is important to rinse the books with clean water to remove any soap or shampoo residue from their surfaces. This will prevent any fading and keep the books looking bright and colorful for your little ones. It will also keep your little one from getting soap in their mouth if they are prone to putting their books in their mouth.
  • Dry properly: Although these books are designed to be waterproof, it is best to let them dry completely between uses. Shake off any excess water and let them air-dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid leaving them in a damp and humid environment to prevent mold formation.
  • Store correctly: To ensure the books stay in good condition, store them away from direct sunlight or heat sources when not in use. Exposure to sunlight can cause the colors to fade or the books to warp over time.
  • Monitor for wear and tear: Like any other toy, waterproof bath books may be subject to wear and tear from regular use. Make it a habit to check the books for any damage, such as torn pages or loose pieces, and remove or replace any books that are no longer safe for your toddlers to play with.
  • Keep it clean: Even though these bath books are made of durable and waterproof materials, it is advisable to periodically clean them with a mild detergent and warm water, especially if they have been exposed to dirty bathwater. After washing, rinse the books thoroughly and allow them to air-dry completely before using them again.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your toddler’s waterproof bath books remain in great condition for an extended period, providing endless fun and learning opportunities during bath time.

How Often To Read To Your Toddler

Reading to your toddler is a crucial aspect of their early development. It fosters language skills, sparks curiosity, sets the foundation for a lifetime love of reading, and can be great fun for them.

But, how often should you read to your toddler? The answer is as often as you can. It is important to read to your child daily. Routine makes reading important and fun. This can be as simple as a bedtime story or incorporating stories into other parts of the day, such as bath time.

Waterproof bath books are a fun way to engage your toddler in the tub and help them develop a positive association with reading. When reading to your toddler, consider the following tips:

  • Choose age-appropriate books, such as the waterproof bath books mentioned in the article.
  • Keep storytime interactive by asking questions, pointing to illustrations, and encouraging your child to participate.
  • Utilize predictable stories or ones with repetitive phrases as they help hold your toddler’s attention.

Remember, the goal is to make reading an enjoyable experience for your child, which will create a strong foundation for their future relationship with books and learning.

Waterproof Bath Books For Toddler: Summary

Waterproof bath books are not only great first books for your little one, they also help to foster overall development. You may not think of books as waterproof bathtime toys, but they are a great way to give the gift of learning. These children’s books not only keep little ones entertained but also encourage early literacy and function as sensory toys.

While a bath book is generally a safe bath toy, it is important that children are always supervised when in the bathtub. The top three waterproof bath books for toddlers mentioned in this article have been carefully selected to provide the best experience for children during their water adventures.

These waterproof bath books are designed to withstand the rigors of water exposure, ensuring long-lasting fun and enjoyment for your toddler. By incorporating them into your little one’s bath time routine, you can create a positive and engaging environment that nurtures their love of reading and learning.

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